Water Solutions For Your Campervan

water solutions for your campervan

Camping without drinking can be a disaster. In most camping sites in Australia, there are very few streams of fresh water. So, you need to sort out the drinking water problem before leaving for camping. Which are the best water solutions for your campervan? Well, here are 10 hacks that ensure enough drinking water for your campervan:

1. Boiling water

boiling water

Boiling water has been used for decades for the purification of water. It is one of the most practical solutions to drinking water in that you may not even spend money on it. You have two main options when it comes to boiling drinking water for camping. First, you can boil enough water at home and pack it in bottles. Just ensure that the water is more than enough for your camping days. If you have heating equipment in the campervan, such as gas, you can boil during the camping area.

2. Bottled Water

Bottled is very popular with campers in Australia. It is one of the most convenient ways of getting drinking water when camping. You just need to visit the nearest supermarket and buy more water than you need for your camping. Note that when camping, especially during summer, you will be drinking a lot more water than usual. So take this into account when packing up. For bottled water, you must check the brand you are buying to maintain the quality of water. Dispose of the plastic bottles properly after use to avoid pollution.

3. Water Filter Jug

water filter jug

If you are looking for the most convenient ways of drinking filtered water on the road, try a water filter jug. They are some of the best water solutions for your campervan. As the name suggests, these are special water filters that work just like the typical jugs. You just need to fill the jug with water, and it will pass through the filter to remove impurities. Water filter jugs remove particles, chemicals, and pathogens in water. So, you will get quality drinking water when camping.

4. Ultraviolet Light (UV) Water Filters

UV water purification is one of the easiest solutions for camping drinking water. As the name suggests, this method of water purification uses ultraviolet light. The method is very simple as it utilises UV light to kill pathogens in the water. Unlike the water filter jug, they do not remove minerals and chemicals in the water. But they make water free pathogens, including harmful bacteria. Within seconds of exposing the water to UV light, it will be safe for drinking. UV water filters are available in most Australian stores. Tip: try the chargeable UV water purification pen.

5. Chemical Tablets

Chemical treatment is another effective water solution for your campervan. It is good water purifying method for campers in areas with freshwater streams. As the name suggests, the method includes the use of chemical tablets to kill pathogens in the water. Chlorine is one of the chemicals used for camping water purification. So, if you are going to camp in places with freshwater sources, then water purification tablets would be a good option.

6. Squeeze Water Filter

girl camping in the mountains

The squeeze water filter is one of the reliable ways of purifying drinking water for camping. The water filter has a bag and microtube membrane with microscopic holes that block harmful water components. What you need is to put water in the bag and squeeze it. A good quality squeeze water filter guarantees the removal of 99.99 percent of bacteria and 100% microplastics. The good thing about these water filters is that they are lightweight hence perfect for any camping trip.

7. Distillation

If you are looking for the highest quality clean water, then distillation would be the best option for you. This type of water purification produces one of the cleanest drinking waters. The process including heating water and trapping the vapour on a cold surface when it cools and converts into water. All the impurities, including chemicals, are left in the heating contain. The distillation process is not as complex as most people think. You can buy a water distillation solar powered kit for campers in most Australian stores.

8. Slow Sand Filters

The slow sand filter is another ideal water solution for campers. As the name suggests, these water filters use sand to purify the water. The water filter is made with a gravel layer upon which a layer of coarse sand is placed. Then a layer of finer sand is placed on top. When water goes through these layers, starting with the fine sand, it comes out cleans and safe for drinking. There are many campers’ stores in Australia where you can buy slow sand water filters. But you can also make one at home and will work well if you put it together correctly.

9. Hand Held Pump

Have you ever used handheld pumps for water purifications? Well, this is one of the exciting water filters for campers. They are 100% manual, and they produce high-quality drinking water free of pathogens, minerals, and some chemicals. They have an intake tube that collects water from the source and passes it through the filter to your drinking water container. The pumping of water through the filter is done manually. You can use it anywhere in the wilderness.

10. Cloth Filtration

man camping and drinking water

Cloth filtration is an ideal option when you’ve run out of options. The water filtration method can also be used to complement other methods. As the same suggests, the filtration system works by using a piece of cloth to block impurities in water. It blocks solid particles in the water. That’s why after chemical treatment, UV and boiling, you might need cloth filtration to remove particles in the water. But you can’t use cloth filtration for highly polluted water because it may not remove bacteria, chemicals, and other microscopic impurities.

In conclusion, you have many water purification options if you are planning outdoor camping. You can bring drinking water from home or purify water in your camping destination. The quality of water is what determines the best water purification method.

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