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According to several reports, Australia’s camping market has developed into a profitable one since the last decade.

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Decoding the Growth of the Camping Market

Camping Market

The camping market has come forward to witness a number of changes that have managed to take things from a particular window and revolutionise them to a significant extent. With factors like demand coming into the picture, one will not be surprised at the kind of growth that is being experienced by the camping market. So in order to evaluate how things are going, we decided to go into the camping market and pull out some details. Hence, here is a brief take on the camping market.

1. The Global Report

The kind of changes that are being witnessed by the market in one country is quite similar to what most countries are facing. Based on global reports, the camping market was valued at $2.14 billion in 2018. While these figures projected an excellent form of return, it was known that things are bound to move ahead. As a result, the projected expansion of 6.3% also came into the picture, as it will take place from 2019 to 2025.

2. Growing Interest

One of the main reasons that were associated with this form of growth was the growing interest that people had towards adventure activities. Over the years, the idea about exploration and the thrill to seek adventure has risen. Everyone wants to know what it feels like to live life a bit differently. As a result, you will come across a number of people who would happily go on a camping trip across their country.


This was quite visible in the US back in the year 2016. According to a report published by the Physical Activity Council in April 2017, the country witnessed over 11 billion outdoor outings in 2016. These figures are turning out to be universal aspects for major countries across the world. Thanks to this demand, manufacturers are also leaving no stone unturned to make matters right.

Tunnel tents have turned out to be a considerable product segment that was highly valued in 2018. From then onwards, things have been going on an upwards slope, barring the current pandemic across the world. But despite all odds, manufacturers refuse to give up as the product segment, and the industry, in general, has shown the potential to grow and expand. Due to that, the CAGR for this particular segment is projected to grow from 2019 to 2025.


Thanks to the growing potential witnessed by the industry, major companies and organisations may never prevent success from moving away. Due to that, you might witness significant changes in the industry over the next course of years. If things go right, then even you might go on a camping trip to understand the aspect of adventure.

A Simple Guide Towards Free Camping in Australia


Free camping is an essential activity that helps you save a lot of money as high costs, and other expenses are out of the picture. As a result, people love to go through such trips as they can avail more with the money they saved. But getting prepared for such a trip can be quite tricky considering the kind of locations and other aspects that one needs to be aware of. So to help you out on this front, we have come out with a guide that helps you with free camping all across the beautiful country of Australia.

Locations and Types

a. State Forests and Reserves

Choosing a location to camp will ultimately end up deciding the kind of camping trip that you are going to enjoy. For this purpose, the most suitable location, to begin with, is state forests and reserves as Australia has plenty of them. Camping at these places will also help you perform several other activities like motorbike riding, hiking, horse riding and so on. As a result, go around looking for the right place.

b. Roadside

The long stretches of driving that lie between different towns and cities are few other spots that can mould your camping plans. So roadside stops can be the ideal location that lets you in on an adventure. But while settling down for a location of this sort, do look around for other facilities which help you carry forward your daily activities. Moreover, to make matters interesting, you might also come across signs that state that overnight camping is allowed.

Tips to be safe

While free camping sounds like a lot of fun, at times it also comes forward with significant risks, especially if you are a solo traveller. So to help you move ahead despite these odds, here are a few safety tips.

a. The Right Essentials

One of the most prominent ingredients for a camping adventure are essentials like food and water. So carrying the required quantity of the same is an important task that should never be ignored.


b. Weather

Being aware of the weather is another important aspect that can mould your trip forward. For this purpose, you need to check for weather updates both before and while camping at your location.

c. First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit was once known to be a luxury, but now it is a necessity. So make matters count and carry a first aid without fail because situations can be unpredictable.

d. Understand Your Surroundings

Learning more about your surroundings before camping can be of great help to keep you prepared for all kinds of aspects. As a result, take a walk around the place before you decide to set things up.

The Rise in Domestic Caravan and Camping Trips Across Australia

Domestic Caravan

Camping has turned out to be a popular activity in Australia considering the kind of impact that it has created in the last couple of years. People have looked towards this particular form of outdoor adventure in order to take a break from their usual form of routine. While this rise may be associated with a number of reasons, the clear picture states that Australians love to go camping. So in order to study more on the subject, here is a brief take on this particular rise.


During the previous year, Australians spent a total of 54.5 million nights’ caravan and camping. Yes, you heard it right. The activity has managed to keep everyone thrilled to a considerable extent that they are willing to capture the opportunity more than once. The figures quoted back in 2019 showed a 6.5% increase when compared to the previous year. In other words, it is also clear that the number of trips in 2019 came close to 12.9 million.

Regional Trips


In terms of locations, Australians usually preferred to hit regional destinations that were known to be prominent hotspots in and around the country. Thanks to their unique style and mode of camping, the industry has been able to reap in the benefits and utilize the same to a large extent. As a result, caravan and camping accommodations accounted for over 20% of all nights spent in regional destinations.

Nature of Support

The nature of camping tends to revolve around a couple of activities that can only be carried forward when they are placed over other essentials. For example, as Australians camped in 2019, they also visited cafes and restaurants in order to complete the process. Due to that, the dependency of the activity has turned out to be a form of support that lies true all the time.

While a few camping trips involved activities like cooking, a majority of them preferred to eat out and enjoy the local cuisine. The kind of benefits that one event can bestow over the rest is impressive and needs to be appreciated.

Family trips

When you come over to age demographics and other similar factors, it is quite clear that most of the trips involved a family outing. People have shown keen interest in family bonding as they set out with their loved ones to spend a day at a suitable location. While these aspects might not be visible for 2020, one cannot leave aside hope. The potential which lies in the camping industry cannot be ignored, and once the pandemic leaves the earth, we are pretty sure that Australians will be back to their routine.

Water Solutions For Your Campervan

water solutions for your campervan

Camping without drinking can be a disaster. In most camping sites in Australia, there are very few streams of fresh water. So, you need to sort out the drinking water problem before leaving for camping. Which are the best water solutions for your campervan? Well, here are 10 hacks that ensure enough drinking water for your campervan:

1. Boiling water

boiling water

Boiling water has been used for decades for the purification of water. It is one of the most practical solutions to drinking water in that you may not even spend money on it. You have two main options when it comes to boiling drinking water for camping. First, you can boil enough water at home and pack it in bottles. Just ensure that the water is more than enough for your camping days. If you have heating equipment in the campervan, such as gas, you can boil during the camping area.

2. Bottled Water

Bottled is very popular with campers in Australia. It is one of the most convenient ways of getting drinking water when camping. You just need to visit the nearest supermarket and buy more water than you need for your camping. Note that when camping, especially during summer, you will be drinking a lot more water than usual. So take this into account when packing up. For bottled water, you must check the brand you are buying to maintain the quality of water. Dispose of the plastic bottles properly after use to avoid pollution.

3. Water Filter Jug

water filter jug

If you are looking for the most convenient ways of drinking filtered water on the road, try a water filter jug. They are some of the best water solutions for your campervan. As the name suggests, these are special water filters that work just like the typical jugs. You just need to fill the jug with water, and it will pass through the filter to remove impurities. Water filter jugs remove particles, chemicals, and pathogens in water. So, you will get quality drinking water when camping.

4. Ultraviolet Light (UV) Water Filters

UV water purification is one of the easiest solutions for camping drinking water. As the name suggests, this method of water purification uses ultraviolet light. The method is very simple as it utilises UV light to kill pathogens in the water. Unlike the water filter jug, they do not remove minerals and chemicals in the water. But they make water free pathogens, including harmful bacteria. Within seconds of exposing the water to UV light, it will be safe for drinking. UV water filters are available in most Australian stores. Tip: try the chargeable UV water purification pen.

5. Chemical Tablets

Chemical treatment is another effective water solution for your campervan. It is good water purifying method for campers in areas with freshwater streams. As the name suggests, the method includes the use of chemical tablets to kill pathogens in the water. Chlorine is one of the chemicals used for camping water purification. So, if you are going to camp in places with freshwater sources, then water purification tablets would be a good option.

6. Squeeze Water Filter

girl camping in the mountains

The squeeze water filter is one of the reliable ways of purifying drinking water for camping. The water filter has a bag and microtube membrane with microscopic holes that block harmful water components. What you need is to put water in the bag and squeeze it. A good quality squeeze water filter guarantees the removal of 99.99 percent of bacteria and 100% microplastics. The good thing about these water filters is that they are lightweight hence perfect for any camping trip.

7. Distillation

If you are looking for the highest quality clean water, then distillation would be the best option for you. This type of water purification produces one of the cleanest drinking waters. The process including heating water and trapping the vapour on a cold surface when it cools and converts into water. All the impurities, including chemicals, are left in the heating contain. The distillation process is not as complex as most people think. You can buy a water distillation solar powered kit for campers in most Australian stores.

8. Slow Sand Filters

The slow sand filter is another ideal water solution for campers. As the name suggests, these water filters use sand to purify the water. The water filter is made with a gravel layer upon which a layer of coarse sand is placed. Then a layer of finer sand is placed on top. When water goes through these layers, starting with the fine sand, it comes out cleans and safe for drinking. There are many campers’ stores in Australia where you can buy slow sand water filters. But you can also make one at home and will work well if you put it together correctly.

9. Hand Held Pump

Have you ever used handheld pumps for water purifications? Well, this is one of the exciting water filters for campers. They are 100% manual, and they produce high-quality drinking water free of pathogens, minerals, and some chemicals. They have an intake tube that collects water from the source and passes it through the filter to your drinking water container. The pumping of water through the filter is done manually. You can use it anywhere in the wilderness.

10. Cloth Filtration

man camping and drinking water

Cloth filtration is an ideal option when you’ve run out of options. The water filtration method can also be used to complement other methods. As the same suggests, the filtration system works by using a piece of cloth to block impurities in water. It blocks solid particles in the water. That’s why after chemical treatment, UV and boiling, you might need cloth filtration to remove particles in the water. But you can’t use cloth filtration for highly polluted water because it may not remove bacteria, chemicals, and other microscopic impurities.

In conclusion, you have many water purification options if you are planning outdoor camping. You can bring drinking water from home or purify water in your camping destination. The quality of water is what determines the best water purification method.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Camping and Caravanning Market Trends, Business Opportunities, and Industry Outlook for the Coming Years


Due to the current pandemic situation, the camping and caravanning market revenue is expected to go down temporarily in 2020. The tourism sector has many restrictions today to control the situation of COVID-19. The inbound travel is declining due to the risk to the health of senior travellers, which will slow down the demands from the older market.

Over the past five years to 2020, the camping and caravanning industry has seen steady growth. The industry experienced growth driven by travel-related trends of campgrounds and RV parks. RV’ing offer cost-effective alternatives to traditional vacations which is liked by many families and groups.  Due to the increasing number of people opting for leisure in travelling in an RV, the industry has experienced steady growth. The rising employment and disposable income have also led to an increase in domestic travel in the past five years. The total industry revenue was expected to grow with a rate of 3.2% up until the pandemic when the industry faced a decline of 0.1%.

How is the COVID-19 situation affecting the camping and caravanning market


COVID-19 outbreak in December 2019 has spread to over 100 countries around the world, which made the World Health Organisation declare it a public health emergency. As the global impacts of this pandemic is already starting to be felt, the travel and tourism market will face a severe downfall in the coming months and years.

COVID-19 is affecting the global economy in three major ways – by affective the production and demand, by creating a financial impact on firms and financial markets, and by disrupting the supply chain and market.

The tourism industry faces a shutdown today with only limited travelling options available. The world is experiencing travel bans and quarantines. The restaurants are closed, and all indoor events are restricted. State of emergency is declared in over 40 countries which is slowing down the supply chain, stock market, and businesses. It is growing the panic among the industries and uncertainty about the future.


Industry outlook for the coming years

Although the global Camping and Caravanning services are on shutdown, for now, new methods will be implemented in the near future to restart these services. The camping and caravanning services will provide information such as company profiles, product specification, capacity, price, cost revenue, and contact information.

In the coming years, the camping and caravanning services will implement new methods that can provide remote travelling opportunities to their customers. They will need to get the permission of the state before approving any camping programs. Until the proble of COVID-19 remains a public health emergency, the tourism industry plans to remain shut. By 2021, we can experience new programs offered by the tourism sector to restart their services once again with improved safety and convenience of people, including senior travellers.

Your Guide to Camping in Australia


Camping in Australia has been known to be an essential activity that calms down the mind and helps you seek a bit of adventure. Considering the geographical locations and other specific features, camping in Australia is quite easy, provided you are well aware of the process. But in case you’re not, then we have got covered. Yes, that’s right. We are going to be hitting you with a complete guide to camping in Australia that notes down locations and other specific details. So go ahead and read all about it.

Ideal Locations

a. Victoria

Thanks to local beaches and other features, camping in Victoria lets you off to a great start. The kind of memories that one can make by camping at Victoria is well on schedule to be filled with road trips, exploration, hiking across mountains and so on. As a result, you will have all that you need to spend more than a day at Victoria.

b. New South Wales

Apart from Victoria, New South Wales is another place for a free camping trip in Australia. Considering the kind of sites that are present in this area, you can spread out and camp at different spots that are not generally hotspots. Hence, it’s time to seek adventure and go about finding the ideal spot.


Basic Requirements

a. Sleeping Bag and Tent

Two of the main requirements for camping are sleeping bags and a tent. Since most stores around the country offer this equipment, you can choose one that comes with an affordable price. So check a few stores and compare the prices until you land yourself with quality products.

b. First aid kit, fire starter and navigation

These three essentials tend to complete your list and will be ideal to satisfy major requirements that you come across while camping. In case you don’t get a fire starter, you can try out the old methods and understand what it was like for cave dwellers. But such expectations cannot be made for the first aid kit and a navigation tool.

The Perfect Season

When it comes to choosing the ideal season for camping, people tend to get into a lot of confusion. Since the country is vast, different parts of the place offer different seasons. So before venturing out to camp, ensure to check for weather updates and acknowledge the current scenario. By the end, the decision should be based on your style and ways through which you can avoid risks.


Why Go Camping?

Despite all that you have heard, if this question still pops up in your mind, then we have a few more things to tell you. Going camping can let you explore nature, meet locals, enjoy a bit of freedom, avail a cheaper alternative towards having fun and also gaze at the stars as actors do in movies.

Everything You Need to Know About RV Camping


RV camping is one of the most popular travelling activities for many good reasons. Bringing an RV to a camp means you can get all the comforts and luxuries of your home with you while spending a good time with your family under the night sky. With an RV, you do not need to pay for travelling except for the gas, you do not need to pay for any accommodation, and you can cook your own food. You can either rent an RV or buy a new one based on your budget, but it is definitely one thing that you need to try while travelling across the country. Here is what you should know about RV’ing and camping if this is your first time planning an RV trip.

RV skills

You will need time to understand each component of your RV before you can begin your journey. Driving is the easiest part if you also have a car as the RV operates the same way on the roads. There are different classes of RV that can differentiate your driving experience. The class C RV drives just like any other vehicle, which makes it the most comfortable type to buy or rent.

If you go on to rent an RV, the rental companies will provide an orientation to get you familiar with the operation of the RV before you take it for your trip. You will learn to operate the generator, connect power and water at the campground, use the dump station, and about other features as well. If you still have doubts after the orientation, feel free to ask them immediately as you do not want any problems when you hit the road.

Most of the RV services provide a 24/7 on-road assistance incase the RV breaks down anywhere on the road.

RV campgrounds


When you look for a location to camp, you need to look out for the amenities that will allow you to use the features of your RV. Make sure that your RV fits in the place where you would want to camp. The campgrounds list the maximum size of RVs that can fit into the campgrounds when you book online.

There will be primitive campsites, partial hookup campsites, and full hookup campsites.

The primitive campsites do not provide water or electricity, so you will need to arrange your own. Some sites may not even provide flush toilets or showers.

The partial hookup campsites generally provide water and electricity but no sewage. You will need to use your own dump stations.


The full hookup campsites provide complete facilities including electricity, water, and sewer connection. You may also find cable television, free WiFi, and telephone line in these campsites.

When you book an RV campsite, you can use all the facilities provides by the site for free. Go through the website of the RV campgrounds to make sure what all activities and facilities are available at the destination so you can plan your vacation properly.

How Popular is Camping in Australia


Camping is the favourite go-to activity for holidays in Australia for families and friends. According to Tourism Research Australia, the national overnight domestic caravan and camping trips crossed 51 million in 2019. The trips were popular among a wide age demographic with age 30 to 54 making the majority of the market. The report also shows a significant growth in the age group 20-29 with an 11% increase from the previous year trips.

Australia is one of the premier camping destinations around the world due to its vast wildlife, rainforests, starry skies, and natural wonders that will give you a long bucket list to complete. Australia is the world’s sixth-largest country which will take more time to explore than any other camping destination around the world.

Station wagons

You can easily rent a station wagon for your camping trip in Australia which can store all your camping gear. A good station wagon will cost you around $35 a day and can make space for two to five people. Going with your friends can reduce the cost on each person while you also enjoy free campgrounds, discounts on caravan parks, unlimited kilometres, and 24/7 roadside assistance. You will also receive a toll-free service number whom you can contact anytime for emergencies.

You can also rent a campervan for $35 to $85 per day if you want some extra luxuries, such as fridge, kitchen sinks, power plugins, and gas stoves. You will not need to add extra setup from your side if you rent a campervan with all facilities included.

The three major camping destinations that people prefer to travel in Australia include the southern states, subtropical states, and tropical states.


Southern States

You can explore the beauty of the untouched wilderness of Tasmania or go for amazing food and wine trails of Victoria. The southern states get influenced by each season, giving you a fresh feeling every time you visit the landscapes in different seasons. The temperatures may drop during winter to as low as -7 degrees in the Alpine region while during the autumn season the temperatures remain between 20-28 degrees which makes it a perfect time to camp with families.

Subtropical States

The northern and central New South Wales, Southern Queensland, South Australia, and Southwestern Australia provides a wide subtropical landscape for camping trips. The coastal regions are perfect for swimming and surfing during the hot summer weather while it also remains at bearable temperatures during winter. The inland temperatures, however, can be a little extreme, but camping anytime around the year is a possibility in this region.

Tropical States

You can also plan a trip to Northern Western Australia which is on top of the North Territory of Queensland. It offers 25-35 degrees of temperature all year, making it a good spot to relax whenever you want. It is recommended that you do a trip in the wet and dry seasons. During November to March, you can visit places like Kakadu National Park, which are at their best during this season.

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