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According to several reports, Australia’s camping market has developed into a profitable one since the last decade.

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Everything You Need to Know About RV Camping


RV camping is one of the most popular travelling activities for many good reasons. Bringing an RV to a camp means you can get all the comforts and luxuries of your home with you while spending a good time with your family under the night sky. With an RV, you do not need to pay for travelling except for the gas, you do not need to pay for any accommodation, and you can cook your own food. You can either rent an RV or buy a new one based on your budget, but it is definitely one thing that you need to try while travelling across the country. Here is what you should know about RV’ing and camping if this is your first time planning an RV trip.

RV skills

You will need time to understand each component of your RV before you can begin your journey. Driving is the easiest part if you also have a car as the RV operates the same way on the roads. There are different classes of RV that can differentiate your driving experience. The class C RV drives just like any other vehicle, which makes it the most comfortable type to buy or rent.

If you go on to rent an RV, the rental companies will provide an orientation to get you familiar with the operation of the RV before you take it for your trip. You will learn to operate the generator, connect power and water at the campground, use the dump station, and about other features as well. If you still have doubts after the orientation, feel free to ask them immediately as you do not want any problems when you hit the road.

Most of the RV services provide a 24/7 on-road assistance incase the RV breaks down anywhere on the road.

RV campgrounds


When you look for a location to camp, you need to look out for the amenities that will allow you to use the features of your RV. Make sure that your RV fits in the place where you would want to camp. The campgrounds list the maximum size of RVs that can fit into the campgrounds when you book online.

There will be primitive campsites, partial hookup campsites, and full hookup campsites.

The primitive campsites do not provide water or electricity, so you will need to arrange your own. Some sites may not even provide flush toilets or showers.

The partial hookup campsites generally provide water and electricity but no sewage. You will need to use your own dump stations.


The full hookup campsites provide complete facilities including electricity, water, and sewer connection. You may also find cable television, free WiFi, and telephone line in these campsites.

When you book an RV campsite, you can use all the facilities provides by the site for free. Go through the website of the RV campgrounds to make sure what all activities and facilities are available at the destination so you can plan your vacation properly.

How Popular is Camping in Australia


Camping is the favourite go-to activity for holidays in Australia for families and friends. According to Tourism Research Australia, the national overnight domestic caravan and camping trips crossed 51 million in 2019. The trips were popular among a wide age demographic with age 30 to 54 making the majority of the market. The report also shows a significant growth in the age group 20-29 with an 11% increase from the previous year trips.

Australia is one of the premier camping destinations around the world due to its vast wildlife, rainforests, starry skies, and natural wonders that will give you a long bucket list to complete. Australia is the world’s sixth-largest country which will take more time to explore than any other camping destination around the world.

Station wagons

You can easily rent a station wagon for your camping trip in Australia which can store all your camping gear. A good station wagon will cost you around $35 a day and can make space for two to five people. Going with your friends can reduce the cost on each person while you also enjoy free campgrounds, discounts on caravan parks, unlimited kilometres, and 24/7 roadside assistance. You will also receive a toll-free service number whom you can contact anytime for emergencies.

You can also rent a campervan for $35 to $85 per day if you want some extra luxuries, such as fridge, kitchen sinks, power plugins, and gas stoves. You will not need to add extra setup from your side if you rent a campervan with all facilities included.

The three major camping destinations that people prefer to travel in Australia include the southern states, subtropical states, and tropical states.


Southern States

You can explore the beauty of the untouched wilderness of Tasmania or go for amazing food and wine trails of Victoria. The southern states get influenced by each season, giving you a fresh feeling every time you visit the landscapes in different seasons. The temperatures may drop during winter to as low as -7 degrees in the Alpine region while during the autumn season the temperatures remain between 20-28 degrees which makes it a perfect time to camp with families.

Subtropical States

The northern and central New South Wales, Southern Queensland, South Australia, and Southwestern Australia provides a wide subtropical landscape for camping trips. The coastal regions are perfect for swimming and surfing during the hot summer weather while it also remains at bearable temperatures during winter. The inland temperatures, however, can be a little extreme, but camping anytime around the year is a possibility in this region.

Tropical States

You can also plan a trip to Northern Western Australia which is on top of the North Territory of Queensland. It offers 25-35 degrees of temperature all year, making it a good spot to relax whenever you want. It is recommended that you do a trip in the wet and dry seasons. During November to March, you can visit places like Kakadu National Park, which are at their best during this season.

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